Welcome to my First Blog

Hello All My Friends and Family and Welcome!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for checking out my new website on this day of my birth!

The last year has been a challenging one and I am so grateful – more now than ever before – of the beautiful souls that I’ve watched teach me that the human spirit is brave and knows no bounds, only courage and compassion.

So basically watching all of you this last year make the most of everything!

As we all have been pulled and twisted and turned upside down, more and more stories have floated right up to the surface of what people, under immense pressure, can do. How unforeseen stress can stretch the human condition out of the frame of its own aperture to purport selfless love and concern.

So a big, appreciative welcome to my website. Thank you for checking it out. Thank you to my friends, family, loved ones, and art supporters for watching my work throughout the years and continuing to be on the lookout for my work. I love you, I create for you, and I support you and your emotions and your lives. Connection with humans is why I continue to create work and it is a gift to be able to write, produce, and act with a tuning fork that wants to repurpose emotions with the hopes of helping others feel less alone. Great art, for me, also creates that familial feeling of shared experience in my heart.

Each morning when I wake up I go on-line. I find two things: 1. current events and 2. inspiration.

Inspiration is crucial for me in life. I can be carried an entire day, week, sometimes a month by a story of someone who has put into action their plan, dreams, or goals and is watching them turn into a reality. So in this blog, I want to highlight some of the truly inspirational businesses run by either women I know, or women I would love to get to know. These women produce products, services, and advice I love and get behind.

Here they are, my first blog businesses to check out:

  • TWO WAYS HOME, a film I produced along with two powerhouses TRICIA LINKLATER AND KIMBERLY BUSBEE now on V.O.D. (video on demand) for you to watch at your leisure;


  • My wonderful website: eSEOspace and the whip smart women who run it: Irina Gedaravich and Jazmyn Santiago. They are both two absolutely lovely and tech savvy ladies who have put together this website ever so elegantly, efficiently, flawlessly, thoroughly, fabulously (every good ‘-ly’ in the book);


  • In the Philippines, two female owned company and organization I highly recommend: Pawssion Project and Mermaid Island. Very much on two ends of the spectrum – pets and feminine products. Hmmm. But take a look see;


  • A beautiful market, THE FERTILE MARKET – Find the most chic, hip, and oh-so-reasonably priced decorating items for your home in this charming store on Main Street in Fertile, Iowa


  • D-RAVEL: Run by the savvy, charming, and chic GRACE RIGDON – it’s a website to curate needed wardrobe, travel tips, destinations, and every need and want for your next much needed vacay;


  • In CHICAGO, KRYSTAL’S BODY SHOP Not only is she a BFF for life, but she is a true rock solid trainer and inspiration who has helped me stay on track through my fitness and running goals, Tae Kwon Do training, and life. Her new gym is unbelievable for changing you into the whole package of your dreams and her online coaching is tight, affordable, and perfection.


Thank you everybody again (and Hulk Hogan for sharing this birthday) for celebrating this new year of life and new website with me!


So much love and thanks,