Bradley Gibson

They found the right mix: one false move in any direction and the tone could have gone off the rails into hopeless Hallmark-channel schmaltz, or incomprehensible chaos. Amazingly, Frederick and Vignone masterfully created a moving film that pulls no punches while compassionately exploring life with mental illness.

Betty Jo Tucker

Grabs your heart and won’t let go, Tanna Frederick plays [her] meaty role with a wonderful authenticity… An important movie supporting mental health awareness.

Noah Wyle

Tanna is a true golden age throwback. I can easily see her as a contract player of the Thirties. A brassy, saucy, firecracker, full of moxie, a dame who could pull a heist, crack a joke, break a heart, croon a tune, and never muss her hair.

Tanna is like the famous racehorse Pharlap, who was so gifted, they would add additional lead weights under the saddle pad to intentionally slow him, so as not to embarrass the other horses on the track and make it somewhat competitive.

Judd Nelson

To say I worked with Tanna would be a misnomer. It would be more accurate to say I went to an actor camp with Tanna, called “Just 45 Minutes From Broadway”. And she is a great fellow camper who brings lots of goodies: a vivid imagination, excellent study habits, stamina, accessible emotions, wonderful sense of humor, enthusiasm, and grace under pressure.

If she played baseball you’d call her a 5-tool player, meaning she excels at hitting for average, hitting for power, base-running skills & speed, throwing ability, and fielding abilities…no weaknesses.

Santa Monica Daily Press

All of the players are ablaze in this terrific production of N. Richard Nash’s The Rainmaker, thanks to Jack Heller’s careful direction. But bottom line, the play belongs to Tanna Frederick as Lizzie and Meryl Streep couldn’t do it better!

A very funny play [Sylvia], it’s the cat’s meow! Tanna Frederick has to be seen to be believed!

The Huffington Post

Tanna Frederick is truly brilliant as ‘Sylvia’! The play is pure hysteria – Don’t miss it!

Tanna is a comedic gem as Mary. Some of the funniest physical comedy I have seen in a long time. She has some touching moments as well and even though she is crazy, and a criminal, you still fall in love with her. … As a director, Tanna has done a great job of moving the play along and getting excellent performances out of her talented ensemble cast.

Santa Monica Mirror

Tanna Frederick is hilarious, an extraordinary performance – ‘Sylvia’ is a howl!

The Los Angeles Times

A whirl of magic realism [in Why We Have a Body], heady talk and quirky wit!

Unless you see the current production of The Rainmaker, you’ve simply never seen this play. Each performance should be distilled, bottled, and preserved for posterity but the standout of this cast is TANNA FREDERICK – who by some magic of theatrical alchemy- performs a transformation not to be missed!

The Los Angeles Times

Margaret Gray


San Francisco
(President, San Francisco Critics Circle)

Tim Sika


Los Angeles Times

F. Kathleen Foley

CRITIC’S CHOICE….The standout of this terrific cast is Tanna Frederick’s acerbically yearning Lizzie. Plain as mud in the early scenes, Frederick lets down her hair with Starbuck – and by some magic of theatrical alchemy, becomes a genuine beauty. It’s a transformation not to be missed.

L.A. Weekly

Steven Leigh Morris

Its linchpin [is] Frederick’s droll, rat-smart Lizzie. With subtlety and composure that often belies the text, she knows who she is and what she wants…Terrific performance…

Stage Scene L.A.

Steven Stanley

WOW….Frederick gives us a heartbreaking, real three-dimensional Lizzie, from her spunk and grit to her refusal to be a flirtatious bubblehead (though she does do a hilariously over-the-top imitation of one) to her very real long to fit in, to be the swan rather than the awkward duckling….Robert Standley is a leading man to be reckoned with.

Back Stage.

Iris Mann

Going against the obvious, [Tanna] Frederick plays Lizzie as strong and feisty, focusing less on her fragile, repressed side. It’s a perfectly credible choice, and when she does expose her character’s stoic despair, pain, and neediness, Frederick is all the more effective.

Joan and John Schwartz

Frederick is outstanding. There is not a moment on stage when you don’t feel her deep need to be held, adored and loved. It’s almost, at times, heartbreaking to watch.

Grace Notes Stage

Rom Watson

Under the direction of Jack Heller, the cast does very well with their roles. Tanna Frederick is wonderful as Lizzie, beautifully inhabiting the character in her silences as well as when she’s speaking. Lizzie is the heart of the play, and Frederick’s portrayal is top-notch.

Beverly Hills Courier

James Metropole

Tanna Fredrick, as the eponymous Sylvia, throws herself totally into the thing and maintains a high comic level. Her voice inflections, body twists and turns, and Jim Carey-like expressions run a full gamut of inventively delightful stuff.

Elliot Kotek

Seriously entertaining, a great night out…Tanna Frederick is lightning in a bottle.

Joe Wehinger

Led by an inspired ball of energy otherwise known as Tanna Frederick…the energy fun and pet-wise unconditional love is a Grogan-inspired marathon of energy put forth by Frederick.

Audrey Linden

Tanna Frederick shines in ‘Sylvia.’ This play is the perfect vehicle for the very talented and versatile Frederick. Tanna Frederick totally embraces this role and has such ‘doggone’ fun in bringing Sylvia to life. It is infectious.

Chicago Tribune

Liz Smith

Tanna Frederick. I must say I never heard the name. But now that I know her story, I won’t forget it. And don’t you, either. I have a feeling we’re going to hear more from this girl.

WeHo News

Samuel Bernstein

Playing the title role in Sylvia by A.R. Gurney, Tanna Frederick preens and gambols about the stage of the Edgemar Center for the Arts in Santa Monica like she owns the place. And she does. 

Her kinetic energy fills the theater as she riotously stretches, scratches, sniffs, humps, licks, and hurls herself into something resembling, but thankfully not exactly copying, a dog. She is having the best time, and the sheer pleasure she takes in exploring every nook and cranny on stage, both figuratively and literally, sweeps us away.

Barbara Bain

Tanna’s concept is just delicious… She is incredibly creative. She has a wonderful vision and every element in [Why We Have a Body] is incredibly inventive.