In this 1995 comedy by A.R. Gurney (“Love Letters,” “The Dining Room”), Greg and Kate are empty-nesters in the big city. On a walk in the park, Greg is adopted by Sylvia, a bouncy, frisky poodle mix. But Kate comes to feel that she is losing Greg to his adoring new best friend who just loves to be petted, scratched, and talked to.

This imaginative twist on Greg’s midlife crisis leads to lots of laughs and some thoughtful insights into the nature of love, marriage, jealousy, and dogs.


Tanna Frederick is truly brilliant as ‘Sylvia’! The play is pure hysteria. Don’t miss it!

- The Huffington Post

A very funny play, it’s the cat’s meow! Tanna Frederick has to be seen to be believed!

- Santa Monica Daily Press

Tanna Frederick is hilarious, an extraordinary performance. ‘Sylvia’ is a howl!

- Santa Monica Mirror