In this sequel to the 2006 independent comedy-drama ‘Hollywood Dreams,’ neurotic and ambitious actress Margie Chizek has finally made it in Hollywood as a B-movie actress and has a few feature film credits. She has legally changed her name to Maggie Chase, she has a new hunky Hollywood boyfriend named Dov Lambert and her publicity team has parlayed her recent arrests into juicy tabloid headlines.

But Maggie’s plans for further stardom just might derail her career for good when she meets her beau’s brother, Aaron, who is the black sheep of the Lambert acting family, but also seems to be the only thing who sees the still-crazy and neurotic Maggie for who she 
really is.


Frederick’s performance is intelligent, deeply felt, gloriously romantic and frequently quite fun.

- Richard Propes, The Independent Critic

…Jaglom mines good comedy from Frederick. Once when Maggie runs ecstatically to the paparazzi, handing out waters. Another, when she sits on a counter with Wylie, in a negligee, eating a pint of ice cream and cake but spitting each bite into the sink. She calls it “chatting’’ — all the chewing, none of the eating. It’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a movie, and the closest Jaglom has come to brilliant satire. It also explains why this woman is just chatting on a countertop and not Jay Leno’s couch.

- Wesley Morris, The Boston Globe