In 2045, liquid nitrogen is commonly used to freeze patients until remedies for their illnesses are developed. After thirty years in suspended animation, Joan Garrison, awakes from her frozen state.

She will find that life will never be the same. Faced with her family wanting to bring her home to safety and being entrapped in a cryotherapy center, Joan struggles with new dangers, politics, and dark secrets that threaten to alter the perception of human life forever.


I really liked DEFROST!
It’s completely engaging and intriguing right from the beginning and it looks much better than other VR pieces that I’ve seen. Great performances from all the actors.

- Jerry Zucker, Ppoducer, Director (Friends with benefits, Ghost, Airplaine!)

I have had the privilege of seeing the pilot episode of “Defrost” prior to its release, and it is an experience that will stay with me forever – the first time witnessing a story told in virtual reality. This is a new approach to storytelling that will have tremendous impact on the way we experience media. The story is about a woman who is cryogenically frozen for decades, awaiting advances in medicine to treat her disease. It is told in the first person from her point of view.
I highly recommend experiencing what promises to be a great virtual reality series.

- Ron Underwood, Director (Tremors, City Slickers)

I had the pleasure of viewing the first few episodes of DEFROST and found it to be quite emotional as well as eerie. I look forward to seeing where the story is going.

- Bryan Singer, Director (X-MEN, The Usual Suspects)

“‘Defrost’ really blew me away, not just the amazing, mind-bending technology but the WORK – all of it – the writing, the directing and the acting were truly brilliant.
I want you to know how much it really knocked me out!! But beyond that, I kept thinking how excited Orson would have gotten to experience it. It opens up a whole new world!

- Henry Jaglom, Director (Deja Vu, Eating, The M Word, This Year's Ovation!)